How much is catering for 100? – Cost of catering for 40 to 100 guests

How much is catering for 100? The answer varies based on type of food, event type, whether you want staff hired for your event, and all of the equipment needed. We are Tasty Table Catering, located in Berwyn, Pennsylvania serving Philadelphia and surrounding areas and in this post we will help you break down everything that goes into catering your event. To see our menus click here or call us at 610-251-0265 to speak with our catering staff about placing an order.

For the base price of off premise catering, whether it is a corporate event or wedding, just drop-off catering will be a comparable price to dining at a restaurant plus a delivery fee of 15-20%. So with that being said, if I’m dining at Mickey D’s tonight the price will be much lower than somewhere more elegant like Nectar. With delivery fee included for quality drop off catering, you can expect to spend around $25-$30 per person.

Now that you have an idea of the price of drop-off catering, we can continue and explain how more complicated events like weddings and large meetings are priced. Comparing catering prices to restaurant prices is a good rule of thumb for drop offs, but often larger events incur more extra costs than people realize. Usually weddings will require add-ons such as fancy linens, utensils, and equipment like chafers which bring up the base cost. In addition, many venues require professional staff like bartenders and servers which are paid hourly as well as liquor liability insurance plus other business costs. Many brides will also prefer to hire staff to handle everything food related including cleanup even if they are not required to by their selected venue. A lot goes into making sure a catered event goes perfectly, and sometimes the majority of the cost is not the food.

For a general special event with full service catering and all the above mentioned features included, $50-$75 per person is a good ballpark estimate of what you will be looking at. Weddings have a more expensive starting price due to requiring more staff, a cocktail hour, and more setup and presentation. All of our weddings are custom made for each bride and our planners take the time to get to know you to understand the vision you have always dreamed of. With all this in mind, a starter base price for a catered wedding will be around $85 with everything included.

We hope that this blog post clarified the cost of catering for 40 to 100 guests for someone out there! We are Tasty Table Catering located on the Main Line serving the Greater Philadelphia surrounding area. Click here to have a look at some of our menus. Don’t hesitate to call us at 610-251-0265 or email us at [email protected] for help scheduling your next event!

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