4th of July: Why Celebrate at Home?

4th of July: Why Celebrate at Home?

Chris Riggs

As the days get longer, warmer, and the desire to be outside increases, you shouldn't be surprised that it's almost time to ring in 4th of July! Around Philadelphia, there's tons of exciting events to join in on the celebration at, but sometimes it doesn't get any better than simply celebrating at home! You could waste time, money and energy attending a public event, or just save yourself the trouble and put something together that's a little more personal.

Every year, instead of visiting the local Main Line festivities, our friends and family instead opt for something a little more traditional - like backyard bashes. Wondering why? Consider these options...

  • You can play a variety of yard games - think games like croquet, ring toss, golf toss, sports, or even games like Frisbee golf or horseshoes. The only thing limiting your options is the amount of space you can use outside! Simply providing a selection of yard games and equipment can turn a backyard into a sports field! Badminton, flag football, volleyball, the list goes on...

  • You can get wet - This one might be a little confusing, especially if you're somebody who doesn't have a pool (or access to one!). If you don't have one, you can always set up a slip and slide, or organize a water gun/balloon fight - the neighbor kids will love it! When the heat begins to amp up, this is a great alternative and something you don't find available to the public. It's also much nicer to get wet near the comfort of your own home!

  • Alcohol options are cheaper and saferIf you're trying to celebrate with family, but want to have alcohol options, then holding an event at home is much easier. Not only can your adult guests enjoy drinks, those of which are much cheaper and , but this doesn't bar an age-limit for your guests. Avoiding the bars is especially great if you're looking to celebrate with family from every generation!

    Of course, most importantly, if your guests decide to indulge a little too much, you're able to handle the situation personally. Being at an event hosted by someone at a home, it's likely that there's a couch capable of sobering up on. No worrying about drunk driving or other dangerous traveling after a long day of celebrating your freedom.

  • The atmosphere is as extensive as you want it to be - hosting a 4th of July event at home is an excellent away to define the perfect 4th of July for yourself and your guests. Since you're in charge, the festive decorations will be as extensive as you prefer. You're also able to pinpoint who you'd like to have at your event, so you don't have to worry about any strange public interactions related to yearly Independence Day shenanigans.

  • Furry friends are welcome - this one might be a niche benefit, but let's be honest, dogs make everything better. Having an event like this in a private residence means no one has to get left behind, even your fuzzy companion.

  • The food options are endlessPerhaps the most important point, if you're asking us foodies.4th of July festivities are great opportunities to indulge in picnic foods like never before. Burgers, hot dogs, pasta salads, watermelon, desserts... the variations and options are limitless.

    Giving yourself control of the menu is a power move, and we'd have to agree. That's why Tasty Table Catering lives on the philosophy that your catering meal should be catered to your every want, need an desire. When it comes to backyard barbecues, we're strong believers that the host shouldn't have to be the one doing the most. You're already hosting the party, why not find someone else to do the rest of the work?

    Sandwiches like you wouldn't believe, fresh salads to excite the most hardcore of vegans and vegetarians, and build-your-own bars for just about anything you could think of building - we've got it all. This Fourth of July, consider Berwyn, PA's most customer-centric catering company for your backyard bash.

  • Bring your favorite people togetherLet's be honest, the best part of any holiday is getting together with someone or the people you love and enjoying some sort of a festive activity together. It could be a public display, with over-the-top fireworks and expensive food and beverages, or you could gather up your favorite people and take matters into your own hands.Whichever way you decide to choose, we hope you enjoy your holiday!

Your friends at Tasty Table Catering are all for making a home event the place to be no matter what holiday you celebrate, and Fourth of July is no different. Your creativity paired with our belief of the perfect catering experience means an experience your guests will be talking about the entire next year.

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Special thanks to the Madison Moms Blog for some of the ideas we considered in this article!

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