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Philadelphia Funeral Catering Services

Zip Codes: 19102 through 19154

Funeral planning can be a difficult and emotionally taxing process. You have to make a lot of financial decisions in a very uncertain time. Tasty Table funeral caterers have event planning specialists standing by at all times to assist you with the details of your service and do whatever we can for you in this complicated time. If you are holding a reception after your funeral you may want to go with a lighter food option such as finger food or even just coffee and cookies. Others may want to opt for a full buffet to feed their guests.

We acknowledge the difficulty of moving forward in life after the loss of your dear loved one. Tasty Table is here to make the process as easy as we can for you. In such a testing time, having food concern you is the last thing that should be occupying your thoughts. Use our funeral catering services and we will not only help you with all aspects of the food for your event, but also can help with contacting funeral catering venues and any equipment rentals you may need. Although you might be able to handle all of this yourself, you needn’t waste your energy during such an important time which should be spent with family and close friends.

We’ll do whatever it takes to accommodate you; last minute bookings with a large head count, tables and chairs to seat your guests at, and all number of food options for different preferences. During this time there may be a lot on your mind. Simply leave us the key and allow us to take care of all setup, tear-down, and everything in between. We can design your event with your loved ones legacy in mind, down to adding their favorite food options to the menu to honor them. We will put thought into and adjust your event as many times as possible until you feel that it is a proper service for your loved one.

Philadelphia Funeral Caterers

Philadelphia, or Philly, is the largest city in Pennsylvania, and the 6th most populated U.S. city. The 2018 census estimated the population at 1,584,138. Philadelphia was a key location during the Revolutionary War. Even before the Revolutionary War, Philadelphia was a very important landmark, quickly surpassing Boston as the largest city in British America. It was such an important landmark that Philadelphia was actually named the nation’s capital from 1790 to 1800 while the District of Columbia was under construction. Philadelphia is a great city with a lot of history, and has continued to grow and change over the years. Today many of the nation’s greatest businesses and schools are located in Philadelphia.

Tasty Table Catering thanks our Philadelphia clients for choosing us. We are honored to be selected to cater graduations, weddings, funerals, and any event that our customers require. For funeral catering, we offer packages that will provide food for your guests during the service as well as for the reception afterwards. All packages include delivery, setup, cleanup, and optional staffing. We’ll do whatever it takes to meet and exceed your dining expectations to make your service a special one.

Philadelphia Funeral Catering Menu

Tasty Table has a gamut of different menus and meal options to serve your guests with. Have a look at the Hors D’ouevres section of our full service catering menu if you are looking for a light stand up or quick meal. If instead what you have in mind is something more heavy, scroll down further in the menu to our Hot Entrées section if you are looking to have a sit down dinner or lunch meal. If you have a themed event, special request, or addition to our menu we are glad to accommodate all your dietary, religious, flavor, or other preferences. View our funeral catering menus at the top of our page, just ask our professional team if you would like any modifications so we can meet your specific needs.

Tasty Table Catering has a funeral catering menu that we have built with your convenience in mind from the start. Our team of experienced catering coordinators will take care of all the small details to maximize the time you spend with family and friends in this important time. Give us a call or email any time, 24/7 regarding our funeral catering menu and services. Email at [email protected] or call at 610-251-0265.

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